ProGrow Organics helps you and your family grow the most nutritious and delicious, organic fresh vegetables in your own garden.

With over twenty years’ experience, organic gardener Bob Pletcher will share all the tips and practices for growing healthy, delicious organic vegetables.

Grow Boxes Make the Difference There are different garden box designs on the market. It’s hard to know which one to choose. Assembling the grow box, choosing the right soil and the right place to put it can be challenging. With just a few basics established, you can have a successful gardening experience. We’ll help you create the right garden for your perfect space.

Grow box designs eliminate problems that in-ground or raised bed gardens have:

  • They are at a comfortable standing height off the ground, so it’s easy to work in your garden.
  • Your garden soil won’t come in contact with the ground soil, which can contaminate your growing soil with natural unwanted bacteria and microorganisms or pesticides in the soil from years past.
  • Root intrusion from surrounding vegetation can be invasive and zap your soil of vital nutrients and water, making it impossible to grow vegetables.
  • Pests are one of the biggest problems in gardens. Ants can take over the whole garden, bringing in and farming aphids. Slugs, snails and many other vegetable-eating bugs have free access to in-ground or container box gardens, leaving you with no other option than pesticides which will end up in the vegetables you eat.
  • Rabbits, dogs and a endless number of ground-living critters will walk on by, and the elevated grow box design eliminates the need for a fence to keep out these unwanted guests.

Grow boxes eliminate these problems by having your garden box on copper wrapped legs. Slugs and snails will not cross over copper. 

Powerful Growing Soil To Help Your Vegetables Thrive

Your garden is only as good as your SOIL. We build our own custom blend of nutrient-rich soil and amendments, using the best organic soils and compost available. Over the years, we have developed a soil recipe that is nothing short of amazing in garden performance and flavor of vegetables. As time goes by, your soil becomes even richer and more of a super organic growing environment with earth worms and beneficial microbes being established.